Special Golden Spirit

This product was originally created as a tribute to Laplandia’s 10th year anniversary in 2018.

It is unparalleled in all of its aspects having each component designed by a different specialist and every stage of production handcrafted to perfection.

Every element honours Lapland in its own way; the unique crystal glass bottle represents the spruce tree whilst the greyish appearance of the box is symbolic of “dead wood”, both authentic characteristics of the North. The content is an unprecedented blend of 7 times distilled neutral wheat spirit, untreated groundwater and wild cloudberries matured to 50.5% ABV over a period of 12 weeks. Cloudberries, being an essential part of Nordic heritage, are locally referred to as Lapland’s Gold, through which this piece of art has earned its name “Special Golden Spirit”.

Every calendar year a total of 200 units will be produced, each one including an engraved serial number and year of production, with the exception of 2018 when only 100 units were produced.

For availability and pricing please contact your local distributor or our office directly.



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